A Walk On The Moon
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 14. Mai 1999]

a provocative and poignant romantic comedy about a housewife's personal sexual revolution • A WALK ON THE MOON is a provocative and poignant romantic comedy about one New York housewife's personal sexual revolution.

It is the summer of 1969. The Apollo Mission is on its way to the moon. The war in Vietnam - and the war against it at home - are raging. Flower power is in, the Establishment is out. Yet life hasn't changed one bit for Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane), a beautiful, young housewife who feels like these catalytic times are passing her by. Far from getting turned on and tuned out, she's been busy raising children and being a faithful wife.

This summer, while others are on their way to march on Washington and to find enlightenment in India, Pearl is en route to Dr. Fogler's Bungalows, a Catskills summer resort where Sinatra, keeping kosher and kvellhing are the order of the day. But what lies ahead is her own season of sensuous discovery and tumultuous changes. In this summer of love, the Kantrowitz family is about to explore exactly what love means...

Set at a time when everyone wanted to change the world, A WALK ON THE MOON takes a fresh and frank look at the way romance can change the lives around it. The film is directed by Tony Goldwyn from the Samuel Goldwyn Award winning script by Pamela Gray. The producers are Dustin Hoffman, Tony Goldwyn and Jay Cohen, and Neil Koenigsberg, Lee Gottsegen and Murray Schisgal.

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Tony Goldwyn
Lee Gottsegen
Murray Schisgal
Neil Koenigsberg
Diane Lane
Viggo Mortensen
Liev Schreiber
Anna Paquin
Tovah Feldshuh
Pamela Gray
Anthony B. Richmond
Dana Congdon
Mason Daring
Dan Leigh

JAHR: 1999
LÄNGE: 107min