Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 02. Mai 2002]

Die Zwei aus 'Dogma' • In the middle of the mayhem are the most hapless funnymen of all - Jay and Silent Bob, who possess a hilarious willingness to say and do just about anything. It all begins when Jay and Silent Bob discover that their old friend, Banky Edwards (Jason Lee), has sold them out. It seems Banky has gone to Hollywood to produce a motion picture based on the comic book about their alter egos, Bluntman & Chronic, starring two popular young Hollywood actors (Biggs and Vanderbeek) as the duo. The real Jay and Silent Bob are stunned by the news, and then shattered to find out they are being badmouthed on the internet for selling their story. There's only one shot at saving their slacker reputations: head to Hollywood to sabotage the production. JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK is written and directed by Kevin Smith and produced by Scott Mosier.

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Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
B & H. Weinstein
Jason Mewes
Amy Noble
Kevin Smith
Brian Andrew Saible
Gevin Brooks
Carrie Fisher
Ben Affleck
Kevin Smith
Jamie Anderson
Billy Clevenger
Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith
James L. Venable
Robert Holtzman

JAHR: 2001
LÄNGE: 104min