Into My Heart
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 13. August 1999]

Rob Morrow . Claire Forlani • An ensemble piece about friendship and love, trust and betrayal, 'Into My Heart' begins with a suicide but ends in redemption. While the present-day action concentrates on the immediate, emotional fall-out of a devastating death, these scenes are interspersed with a series of flashbacks that explain and re-inforce the relationships unfolding on-screen. In 'Into My Heart', the past is as important as the present. It's a story about loss and survival, about old relationships and buried emotions.

Adam and Ben are childhood friends. The sons of East Coast affluence, they attend boarding school and Columbia together. At Columbia, the idealistic Adam meets the love of his life, Nina, a beautiful young woman from the same social milieu. Their love is instantaneous and passionate. After some initial resistance, Ben accepts the addition of Nina and the two become fast friends, linked by their love for the quirky, intense Adam.

After graduating, Adam begins a career as a freelance journalist, while Nina enrols in graduate school, studying art history. Ben attends Stanford Law School, where he meets Kat, a Marin County go-getter. Together they return to New York, where Ben begins working for a high-powered corporate law firm and Kat takes a job as an assistant to the Mayor.

The addition of Kat seems to round out the balance of the old trio. There are happy weekends spent by the two couples up at Adam's family house, a rambling Colonial in the Berkshires. But tensions soon begins to develop within the two relationships. Faultlines appear. And when Ben impulsively kisses Nina on a walk together one Fall afternoon, a fragile trust begins to crumble. Ben and Nina begin an affair that will end in destroying the man they both love.

Suicide is an irrational act and as such, difficult to explain. When one man may lash out, another will punish himself. When he's betrayed by the two people he trusted snd loved most, Adam's world is shattered. He truly feels he has no reason to go on living. In the aftermath of his death, Ben and Nina's affair ends and Ben's marriage to

Kat is mortally wounded. Yet the story ends in hope. When Ben and Nina meet again by accident on a wintry New York Streer corner, it's clear they've learned from their tragic mistake. They can go on, but there's no going back. Because, like their youth, Adam is gone forever.

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Sean Smith & Anthony Stark
Jean Doumanian
J.E. Beaucaire
Rob Morrow
Claire Forlani
Jayne Brook
Jake Weber
Sebastian Roché
Nora Ariffin
Nelson Martinez
Sean Smith & Anthony Stark
Michael Barrow
Merril Stern
Robert M. Reitano
Michael Small
Ford Wheeler
Stephanie Maslansky

JAHR: 1998
LÄNGE: 97min