Fuori dal mondo
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 16. Dezember 1999]

Nicht von dieser Welt • Caterina is a young nun. After five years she is about to take her final vows. Emesto owns a 'cleaners' shop. Teresa is in her late teens. She roams Milan lookin, for a place to sleep. Gabriele is a young policeman with a kind heart.

The lives of these characters are bound together without their knowing. The link is a child, or rather a newbom baby abandoned in the park. Caterina finds him all wrapped up in an old male sweater . And the old sweater is all she's left with after the baby is taken care of at the hospital.

The sweater takes Caterina to Emesto's shop. She has to face things that she had sort of decided to shut herself out from. Emesto is lonely, closed to the world, he has never indulged himself, never looked around, why would he take a interest in a nun?

Caterina wants to find the baby's mother. She doesn't know why. Perhaps the urge comes simply because she wants to find a meaning to these strange things happening to her. Why should it be her to find the baby? Ernesto seems to be extremely puzzled by Caterina, so much so that he decides lo hrlp her in her quest.

Teresa walks aimlessly through Milan. She wants to fmd a place where to rest and sleep. A work to tie her up until a better one comes up. She rneets again Gabriele, her ex boy friend. He's very young. He can be trusted. He's not like other men she's met.

Caterina and Ernesto keep on with their peculiar friendship. Both of them know that the sweater links somewhere with Teresa. Caterina, Ernesto, Teresa, each of them has lost something, like they were a little weacker than the rest of the world, without links or hopes for the future. Like they were 'not of this world'

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VERLEIH: Elite Film


Giuseppe Piccioni
Lionello Cerri
Margherita Buy
Silvio Orlando
Carolina Freschi
Maria Cristina Minerva
Sonia Gessner
Giuliana Lojodice
Marina Massironi
Giuseppe Piccioni
Gualtiero Rosella
Lucia Zei
Luca Bigazzi
Esmeralda Calabria
Ludovico Einaudi
Marco Belluzzi
Carolina Olcese

JAHR: 1999
LÄNGE: 100min