The Castle
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 23. Juli 1999]

Ein Film von Rob Sitch • Darryl's modest abode is built on a toxic landfill. Never mind that the house is adjacent to humming high-power lines and is in the landing path of the nearby airport. It's home to this up-till-now happy-go-lucky family and they'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. The Kerrigans are not the most sophisticated lot, but they've taken family pride and affection to a cheerily comic new level. To them, ordinary life itself is magical. Darryl couldn't be more thrilled that his daughter Trace (Sophie Lee) has completed some higher education; that is, she received a beauty school degree. He beams every time his son Steve (Anthony Simcoe) finds a new bargain in the local paper; waxes poetic about his pet greyhounds; revels in his wife's (Anne Tenney) pound cake and seasonings; thinks his plastic trim and faux chimney are delightful wonders; and even believes his bank robber son Wayne (Wayne Hope) made an innocent mistake. And, as far as Darryl's concerned he's got the Australian family's dream: a pool room, a barbie and an over-sized television antennae. The Kerrigan's innocent-eyed, loving, chin-up view of the world is at once farcical and inspiring. Then a letter arrives in the mail announcing the Kerrigan family house is being 'compulsorily acquired' for a major airport expansion. But Darryl refuses to be budged. Joining the ranks of Australian rebels, unassuming urban warrior Darryl Kerrigan decides to take on the powers that be . . . and takes his case all the way to the Supreme Court. He may not be much, but Darryl Kerrigan has a soaring sense of optimism that will propel him to a genuine hero as he leads his family, his lawyer mate (Tiriel Mora) and his equally eccentric neighbors towards saving a place that might be quirky, low-class and run-down but is jubilantly theirs.

Shot with a Super 16mm camera in just 11 days, this tender-hearted comedy about a 'little guy's' victory made an over-sized impact in Australia, becoming the highest grossing Australian film of 1997. The film went on to capture audiences at the Sundance Film Festival. A stream of affectionately drawn characters combines with a delightful sense of humor and an old-fashioned spirit of neighborly charm to produce an uplifting and uproarious suburban parable.

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Rob Sitch
Debra Choate
Michael Caton
Anne Tenney
Stephen Curry
Sophie Lee
Wayne Hope
Costas Kilias
Tiriel Mora
Tom Gleisner
Jane Kennedy
Santo Cilauro
Rob Sitch
Michael hirsh
Miriana Marusic
Wayne Hyett
Ian MacWilliams
Craig Harnath
Carrie Kennedy
Kitty Stuckey

JAHR: 1997
LÄNGE: 82min